Stories by Katie

A digital art image in the likeness Katie with a watermark that reads MAKOWKA PICREW

Hi, I'm Katie

Thank you for viewing my site. is my personal archive and portfolio for my creative works. Some of my stories are stand-alone, and some are part of a bigger series, I hope you find at least one you like.

I mostly write about guilt, loneliness, madness, and comfort. Some tropes you might find quite a bit of here are found family, enemies-to-friends, clothes make the maniac, and identity breakdown. My stand-alones may focus on one of these topics and/or tropes, while multi-chapter stories may have some variation of all of them.

Some of my works are appropriate for all audiences and for some of my works viewer discretion is advised. All works have trigger warnings prior to viewing. My works are free to view and are viewable to any audience, proceed at your own risk.

My personal goal for the future is that hard copies of my works can be bought and sold, both as short story collections and novels, while still having them free to read online.