Long Series

Molly knows the gods' best-kept secret. The key to becoming one, that is. You become what they believe you are. To become a god of war is to be worshiped as a god of war, with offerings of the blood of their enemies. A god of harvest must receive prayers for the harvest and a feast in their honor at the turn of the season. And to become immortal is to be worshipped forever.

How does one "accidently" adopt a child? All Duluk knows is that after he got drunk in an unfamiliar town he woke up with a toddler asleep next to him with official and legal adoption papers in his lap. He and his small party of brothers were only staying there a night while traveling to rejoin the rest of his tribe after  trading resources with an allied tribe in the mountains. Now he has to figure out how to single father and full-time job.